COLLECT AFRICA, is here to help you achieve your African Hunting goals. Whether you are looking to complete the prestigious SCI Pinnacles, add to your personal plethora of hunting experiences, or just beginning your African Hunting program in the great dark continent. COLLECT AFRICA caters for the intricate and specialized species, like going from Northern Maasailand after the exclusive Roberts Gazelle, to scouring the CAR Savannahs for Yellow back duiker, or crawling through the Mozambican forests for Livingstone Suni. Or maybe you are after that dream "Tusker", that "Ultimate Trophy Buffalo" or just want to know where the best chances are for that "Unforgettable Trophy Lion". Either way COLLECT AFRICA is the one for you!!

After years of his ongoing advising to many specialized and collecting clients, Dave Rademeyer, was inspired to create COLLECT AFRICA, to assist his clients in fulfilling their African huntings needs and goals. Dave is one of the very few African PHs to have PERSONALLY hunted/guided 125 different species/sub-species throughout Africa. Having spent the last 15 years working and gaining experince within all of these countries, has given him the insight of the best places to find all the unique game and the areas that offer the best trophy quality and opportunity on each species. THIS IS WHAT MAKES COLLECT AFRICA DIFFERENT!!!!

Associated closely with the well renowned, Ivan Carter, plus many other great African P.H.s COLLECT AFRICA utilizes the best areas, concessions, and outfitters in each country to assure their clients highest chance of success on almost every hunt-able species/subspecies indicated on the SCI African Checklist. COLLECT AFRICA is dedicated and committed to assisting you in finding and preparing the best Safari possible to achieve your African hunting goals in the most affordable, knowledgeable and time efficient way.

To begin your journey and Become part of COLLECT AFRICA, enter our web-site, fill out the simple requests AND

"Let us be your African Species Collecting Concierge"
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